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Blueberry Spread - No Added Sugar / Tartinade de Bleuets


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About Us

Our story

Concerned about their family and friends health as well as their own, the soon-to-be founders of GOOD GOOD wanted to find healthier eating options.

As they searched the shelves, they were unable to find healthier options that matched the taste of their sugary counterparts. They decided to set a standard to raise the taste of no added sugar foods, by producing high-quality and naturally derived sweeteners, substitutable with sugar.

Our inspiration

At first, GOOD GOOD only produced natural sweeteners, stevia drops & tabletop erythritol and stevia blend.

Taking inspiration from their heritage they started making jams in their own kitchen using stevia and erythritol instead of sugar.

After a while, they mastered the recipe and ended up with what we now know as our beloved GOOD GOOD jam.

100% Natural

Diabetes Friendly

Keto Friendly

Low Calorie

Low Carb

Our growth

Now that the concept of GOOD GOOD was taking on a new form – moving away from focusing on stevia drops and into more innovative grounds, they promised to never lose sight of the value of GOOD GOOD – to make the best tasting and healthy no-added sugar products.

With endless tries and tests, out of the box thinking, and the growing pains of a new, fast-growing company, our product range has grown exponentially, and are sold in 10,000+ stores all around the world.

Our GOOD GOOD Co-founders: Agnar, Gardar & Johann

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